Practice Areas

Civil and Bouncer Assault
If you are the victim of an assault and battery, and want to make the perpetrator pay, the best option is legal recourse. Taking matters into your own hands is ill-advised. The right plaintiff’s lawyer will give you all the strength you need to fight back and get justice. Read more…



Injured by a Drunk Driver?
Any personal injury case against a drunk driver ups the ante for the automobile insurance company defending him. The right personal injury lawyer will use the alcohol consumption of the defendant to fight back against one of the oldest insurance defense company tricks in the books — blame and smear the victim.
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Motorcycle Accidents
From experience, we can predict what happens when a motorcycle and car collide. The rider, just before impact, utters a loud profanity. He is then lifted off his bike by forces beyond his control, and flung through space and time. His first goal may be to clear the car without crashing into the windshield. Read More…



Trucking Company Accidents
Personal injury litigation against semi-truck drivers requires a whole different approach. In truck cases, there is more at stake due to the catastrophic injuries typically resulting from collisions with semi-trucks and trailers, there are higher insurance limits, and the insurance defense team is always top notch. Read More…



Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers
Under ORS 742.502, every motor vehicle liability insurance policy issued in Oregon must contain certain provisions. All policies must contain uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM) coverage for bodily injury or death. The goal of the Oregon legislature in requiring insurance coverage is to provide as much insurance coverage for users of Oregon highways as possible, and to soften the economic impact of uninsured, underinsured and hit and run freeway accidents. Read More…